Monday, October 6, 2008


Today I found the moleskine that I used to write in while I was in Alaska. I had completely forgotten that I had done that. Here's what I wrote on the last day of my Alaskan journey:

I'm sitting in Denali, my last few hours here. A bus is picking me up at 12:45 pm and taking me to the Anchorage airport. I think it'll be an 8 hour flight to Atlanta and then finally home. I think a week is just as long as I could really fully enjoy. I miss home, I miss my bed, I miss the familiarity of places. I'll probably disagree with everything I am writing once I get home but I guess you always want what you don't have.

Yesterday I landed on a glacier, a real freaking 1,000 ft deep glacier. My feet sunk into the snow as soon as I took a step. My first time seeing real snow! I don't even have any words to describe what I saw, what I felt. Pure elation.

I took a little hike after the glacier awesomeness to Riley Creek. It was a tough little hike but fun nonetheless. I used every part of my body. Jumping on rocks in the middle of the river, climbing uphill craziness and then went up a crazy steep rock to the very top where I met some guy who was already sitting there, J.R. was his name. We sat up there and watched the sunset, from the top of the world, I swear. It got really cold once the sun went down. I was really proud of what I could do physically on that hike. Saw bear tracks and everything. Was a little scared.

Went to The Spike, local bar, again. Osteen, the bartender, who is also obsessed with Brazil, has been treating me like a regular already. Been there three times or so this week and he's been charging me $5 for four to five beers. Nice! I tip him well so it's all good.

As I was going to bed, I saw the Northern Lights. It was bright green and it kept moving in waves and fast. Never thought I'd get to do every single thing I'd want to do here - even things that are extremely rare. Just amazing. It's almost like every single day I was here was catered specifically for me - and only me. 

Everyone I met at the bar kept asking me if I was coming back next summer to work at the park. I really doubt it and to be honest, I've accomplished the very best that Alaska has to offer in only six days. Nothing in the world can top what these last few days have been like.

Off to grab lunch and then bus pick-up. Signing off from Alaska.

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